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At Heartland Dental, we are committed to helping dentists do what they do best: create beautiful, long-lasting smiles. That's why we provide a robust array of administrative support services, letting you stop worrying about the day-to-day hassles of running a practice and get back to focusing on what really matters - taking care of your patients. At Heartland Dental, our mission is to help you achieve yours!

Be a dentist again. Not an accountant, marketing guru or HR manager.

A dentist focused strictly on your most important task - patient care.
A dentist who has the personal and professional flexibility you’ve always imagined.

Renewed Freedom

Being supported by Heartland Dental gives you the opportunity to get back to doing what you love best: creating smiles. Our proven dental support model takes care of your administrative duties for you, letting you stop worrying about the fine details of accounting, payroll, and marketing, and instead get back to focusing on your craft. Our team of marketing, accounting, IT, and a diverse range of other specialists comprise one of the most effective administrative teams in the country. We'll work with you to construct a working schedule and arrangement that gives you the freedom and time you deserve while still letting you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Doctor Compensation

Our supported doctors’ compensation is based on two variables - their Monthly Earnings and their Quarterly bonus. Together, these result in an average 32% of personal collections for Heartland Dental supported doctors. You'll take home a monthly base salary of 25% of personal collections, and each quarter, you'll receive a bonus totaling 50% of your office profits over 16%.


Affiliating With Heartland Dental

Affiliating with Heartland Dental shows that the work-life balance so many dentists struggle to achieve is easy to obtain with our support.

Heartland Dental was built by dentists, for dentists, and that means we understand your needs and are committed to offering just the right amount of support and education while still giving you the space you need to practice and lead on your own terms.

By affiliating with Heartland Dental, you'll become part of a vast network of dental professionals, giving you the opportunity to share ideas, encouragement, and camaraderie while all working together for the same cause. While you'll no longer have to worry about the administrative functions of your practice, don't worry - we respect your position and you're still in charge of what you really care about: patient care. 

We work hard to support our dentists, and we're proud to say that it pays off: supported offices see an average 6% revenue growth within the first year of partnering with us, and that number jumps to 17% after 3 years.

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So what are you waiting for? Request your free office assessment to begin discussing your needs and the possibility of a partnership. We look forward to hearing from you, and we're excited to help you get back to doing what you do best - creating great smiles for your patients!